To him, to her, to all of them


It was chilly that day and the wind cut right through,
Then those warm northern voices reminded me of you.
And stepping through streets unfamiliar to me,
Knowing you’d walked there made me happy.

Marching down roads, banner held high,
Pride and passion reaching up to the sky.
I hoped you’d be proud of what I’d become –
No longer a housewife and more than a mum.

To chant and to rage under clouds of deep grey,
Solidarity, community is the campaigner’s way.
Tories out! Hear us shout with meaning and defiance,
to show to them (to show to me), there is no more reliance on fake news and broken promises,
on shattered dreams and endless lies,
we long for something better – you can see it in our eyes.

So we’ll carry on protesting, demonstrating while we sing,
And watch one day triumphantly as they ring the changes in.
We’ll do it for our children, for our friends and family,
We’ll change the world together – make it what we want to be.                                           The fight is far from over and I know deep in my heart
We can really make a difference, and this is how it starts.

So thanks for that first nudge, for the wind caught in my sails,
For believing I’d achieve where others thought I’d fail.
I do it now for you, I do it now for me, for the frightened little woman
I always used to be.

And I do it now for her, (or rather for the help), for the saving of my children, for the saving of myself.
For weeks of lying helpless in a ward of fear and pain,
till finally the day that I’d been dreading came.
After hours of attending, giving all they had to give,
On waking from my section, tired voices said she’d live.

And staring at that glass box and trying not to cry, hanging on their words as an anchor, as a tie.
We came home as a unit, as a family of four, nervously but happily, hobbling through the door.

For our doctors and our nurses, and all those in-between, a miracle of society, a fabulous machine.
A service with no equal, most important and the best, for ever more, for everyone –

Our treasured NHS.

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