Brexit: People may die because our word is worth more than our country

brexit bus

Brexit really should be dead. That big red bus now only exists as the subject of satirical memes, and the claims it made (like the politicians who made them), have long since lost all credibility. The bus has arguably become a metaphor for all that is wrong with Brexit, and that extends to us being forcibly strapped to it whilst it plummets off the edge of a cliff to it’s doom.

Regardless of overwhelming evidence to the contrary many politicians (and the government as a whole), still insist Brexit is a good thing. They are intent on making it happen at any cost, completely blind to the obvious disadvantages that every day make unsettling headlines. From business to the NHS and everywhere in-between it has been proven that the British people will suffer.

And yet, our decision has been made; and we are (apparently) sticking to it. Much like a stubborn parent who must follow through reluctantly on a punishment, Theresa May pushes ahead steadfastly regardless of the consequences so as not to appear weak. In this analogy we are the children; yet we haven’t disobeyed anyone.

We as a population have no right to choose based on new (almost overwhelming) evidence. Six million people have signed a petition and a million, some of whom had never been mobilised before, took to the streets in the vain hope that democracy, (and sanity), would prevail. Alas, like all things with this government, it is one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us. Theresa May will seemingly bring back her deal ad infinitum regardless of the fact that nothing has changed, until she gets her way. With us though, everything has changed but we are not allowed to comment. Held hostage by a government on its knees blindly edging towards their demise and both uncaring of and unwilling to face the consequences of their actions.

The Prime Minister repeatedly seeks to flog a dead horse in bringing back her deal, despite the fact that her people have spoken (twice), in order to so-say honour the “will of the people”. Parliament and its members are thus regarded as public servants in the most literal sense and the act of following through on some now discredited Utopia is seen as more important than any repercussions as a result.

Brexit is clearly on life-support, and honour is the only thing sustaining it.

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